The Invention

Advancing the state of the Art.

As the chain’s radius increases about the axis of the rear wheel, the chains radius about the axis of the bottom bracket decreases. This allows riders to choose any cadence they wish. The bicycle chain always stays in line while expanding and contracting around these disks. There is no lateral movement of the bicycle chain as is done with a derailleur. This is what is meant by controlling torque in two dimensions.

Engineers and others who understand what I claim will say this is a false statement, that this is impossible to do. And it would be hard to argue with them once they explain the math and show the mechanics.

Fortunately I’m not an engineer, but a retired to early grandpa, who was a self employed tradesman, and former backyard mechanic.

This ideal mechanical concept has never been done before, only failed attempts have come to pass. This project has taken a better part of a decade of intense work during my retirement on the single focus of making this drivetrain work. Thousands of hours have been spent on research, design, and machining metal to make proof of concepts of individual parts that are key to making this drive train work. There are a dozen basic IPs that have been identified, and near unlimited more IPs on the interface elements and for other design details.

After years of trying to machine this invention into existence I had to admit defeat. My skill and knowledge of machining are not up to the task to complete this in a timely manner. Its time to let folks who are skilled in their trade and professions to bring this drivetrain into existence. is an attempt to be self funded. I will offer jerseys and/or t-shirts for sale to help raise capital to advance this drivetrain to market.

A bicycle called LongShot will also be sold. This bicycle will define what all bicycle will become. A bicycle so mechanically advanced that it goes beyond state of the art into to sci-fi territory.

This is a new “type of” drivetrain and it will transform what riders will come to expect from their bicycles. Qualities not possible before are now a reality. The headline feature of sequential gearing, and setting your own optimum cadence for any road condition are inherently simple achievements for this drivetrain. But they are just the start. This drivetrain will now allow riders who come to a stop to gear down to any suitable ratio while stopped to assist in the easy resumption of their ride. The drivetrain will be lightweight. The aerodynamic profile will give competitive riders an advantage not possible before. The mechanical efficiency will be greater then that of a derailleur type of drivetrain, and the need for maintenance dramatically reduced.

A real nice aspect of this drivetrain is being able to retrofit this to some existing bicycle frames.

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