The Invention

Beyond state of the art.

LongShot the magic ride

This shows the bicycle chain and all internal disk parts protected from the environment. Maintenance intervals are expected to be decades apart.

LongShot the bicycle will introduce a drivetrain for the bicycle that goes beyond state of the art into to sci-fi territory.

This new drivetrain eliminates the derailleur but still uses a bicycle chain to transfer power from the rider to the rear wheel, all the while providing the rider with qualities not possible before. The headline feature of sequential gearing, and setting your own optimum cadence for any road condition are inherently simple achievements for this drivetrain. The chain’s movement is confined between two disks yet provide riders with any cadence they want. This irrational action permits a profile for this drivetrain not much wider than the bicycle chain itself, resulting in a reduction in wind resistance that will give the advantage to the fastest of the competitive riders who will also be able to pedal at their maximum cadence without compromise. Hard liquid (hydraulics) will be your interface element for this new ride, that will open up a broad spectrum of possibilities of how you control your ride.

Drive train engineers and others who understand what I claim will say it’s a false statement, you can not use a bicycle chain in an infinitely variable transmission. Simple math, plane geometry, and mechanics will be on their side, and to top it off this has never been done before

It has been said if an advanced civilization had showed a stone age people a modern telephone, those folks may think that this phone was magic. Are we about to have that moment? After all there is no known way mankind can replicate what this bicycle’s chain driven drivetrain can do. Yet no new technology is used in the design. If that is the case the only thing left to use is magic.

LongShot the magic ride

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