to Save the World for Profit

to Tread lighty in our Garden of Eden.

Coherent Disks is a transportation company that was formed to bring to market a new type of drivetrain for the bicycle. This drivetrain controls the bicycle chain irrationally in two dimensions only, permitting bicycle riders any cadence they want for the most comfortable and efficient ride possible.

A dozen basic IPs have been identified and many more await to be protected. It is the intent to license these IPs to global manufacturers. These IPs will disrupt the bicycle market to such an extent that the manufactures who are first to market will win. Manufactures who have the best talent will win. This drivetrain will redefine what is state of the art and make every bicycle ever made obsolete.

The success of this in the market place will provide capital to fulfill the promise to “Save this World for Profit”. Other transportation projects will progress so that we all can “Walk gently in our Garden of Eden”.

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104 – 2504 Skaha Lake Road
Penticton, BC V2A 6G1

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