Long shot

A bicycle design that goes beyond the state of the art to science fiction territory. This bicycle will introduce to the world a transmission/drivetrain that will define what the bicycle will be. A drive train that is more efficient then the derailleur system we now rely on. A drivetrain that will require almost no maintenance, and present a clean smooth surface, suitable for formal wear.

save the world

The beauty of a simple idea

To “Save the World for Profit” is the definition of sustainable. If we can find a marriage of these two positive concepts, the future can only be better.

Coherent Disks has a design for a new type of drivetrain for the bicycle, that will permit a bicycle rider to choose their peak cadence for any road condition they encounter. This new type of drivetrain is mechanically more efficient than the derailleur we all use now, and the derailleur is the most efficient drivetrain we know of, as proven by its market dominance. This new transmission is inherently aerodynamic, being only slightly wider than the chain itself, and will provide the rider with sequential gearing something we never had before. A truly remarkable design.

Although designed for the bicycle, other application exist for this new drivetrain that has such incredible efficiencies. A drill press is a good example where their are savings in operating costs, and without the lost time when wanting to change speed of the drill an even greater advantage emerges.

How much power this transmission can practicably transmit is unknown. In theory there is no limit. This opens up the possibility of every motor ever to be made both large and small, mobile and stationary of becoming more efficient with the use of this new powertrain design.

It is the intention of coherentdisks.com to license several dozen IPs to global manufactures, both in the transportation and machinery market where the use of pulleys and gears may now be made redundant. The disruption in these markets is expected to be profound.

The impossible drivetrain

Artist concept

This drivetrain eliminates the front and rear derailleur, the idler the cassette and chainring along with associated parts. Replacing these parts are a number of disks controlling and engaging the chain, so the chain expands and contracts about these disks providing an infinitely variable transmission. Using a bicycle chain without a derailleur to change gears let alone providing a ratio dense transmission is considered irrational (by definition). And for the chain that only sees two dimensions impossible.