to walk lighty in the Garden of Eden.

CoherentDisks Inc. is a Canadian company located in Penticton BC. The assets of this company are IPs.

“to walk lightly in the Garden of Eden”

Is the company’s ideal. All income generated from the licensing of these IPs will be directed towards increasing the efficiency of transportation. CoherentDisks has never built a bicycle, and never plans to build a bicycle, but will offer for sale a bicycle that has never been built before, that will make every bicycle ever made obsolete. As odd as this sounds this is the current manufacturing reality we live in.

LongShot advancing the bicycle beyond state of the art.

This new bicycle LongShot will introduce a clean, inherently aerodynamic, ratio dense, lightweight, bicycle drivetrain that still employs a bicycle chain to transfer the riders power to the rear wheel guaranteeing you the incredible efficiency that the bicycle chain offers.

It is the goal of the company to protect the dozen basic IPs that are at the core of this invention before licensing the design to global players, who will improve and expand on it for all us bicycle people. There will be an unlimited number of IP that will develop over time with this transmission that can be considered the holy grail of power train engineering.

To advocate and advance environmental awareness and offer solutions and capital to advance this goal of walking gently in the Garden of Eden on a global scale, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

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104 – 2504 Skaha Lake Road
Penticton, BC V2A 6G1

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