I couldn’t think outside the box.

Everybody else left who thought outside the box. But the box remains.

The walls of math and mechanics (physics) cannot be dismissed, and they are the walls that define this ideal concept but impossible to achieve drivetrain.

To be left alone inside the box can be a bit odd, but I was determined to explore, examine and understand why this impossible to achieve drivetrain could not be… achieved.

If I may expand on this metaphor a little bit more, I was not only inside this box of math and mechanical constraints, but I was sitting on a chair with my head in my hands, and my elbows on my knee, so that I only gazed at the bottom of the box. This focus seemed to help. It is this 2 dimensional playing field that I was looking at, this 2d CAD program I was working with, the problem became a jigsaw puzzle to solve. I was able to build and test proof of concepts with my basic machining skills, and common mechanical sense. This testing of proof of concepts and the many failures along the way, paved the way for a solution that obeys mathematical and mechanical laws. Not all parts of this drivetrain were made, since some are known mechanical assemblies, they would be just be modified to suit. The final assembly I came to realize was a step too far me to do in a reasonable period of time, the skill needed, and machinery required are beyond my reach at this time.

LongShot is the bicycle project these blogs and other web pages are about. To bring this remarkable drivetrain to market is the goal. It will be a disruptive technology, and is at the core of what makes a bicycle a bicycle.

The bicycle has been fundamentally unchanged since inception. This new type of drivetrain that LongShot is introducing is not thought doable, and has never been done before, although many attempts have been tried. Mech. Engineers and other people you should trust will be skeptical. But I don’t think any of them would spent the time or has the time to spent on such a foolish errand for such along time as I did.

The solutions (IPs) will be open for licensing for the global market, after the first limited run of bicycles are sold.

Many first will be presented on these soon to be historical bicycles. The new drivetrain is obviously the standout feature. It may be hard to imagine but significant upgrades will happen to other parts of the bike where you may think needs no upgrades, or you may ask yourself, how can that be upgraded?

LongShot the impossible bicycle project. That will make every bicycle ever made obsolete.

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