A limited run of first edition bicycles that will define what bicycles will be, will soon be available for purchase. The simple beauty of the bicycle is now maintained with a new type of drivetrain design that permits the rider to have qualities not possible before.

  • An inherently aerodynamic design.
  • Sequential gearing that’s a natural function of the design.
  • You may choose your own cadence at any speed, any time.
  • A gear range greater than any offered before.
  • Maintenance will be significantly reduced, and if you are a Sunday afternoon rider, no maintenance needed for decades.
  • No internal parts of the drivetrain are exposed, your bike will always be ready for a clean ride.
  • The bicycle chain is still used but cannot derail or skip.
  • Your ride will be easier and so much more intuitive than any ride you had before.
  • Manufactures will not be limited by current industry standards, they can now offer us riders improvements both mechanically and intuitively in a lightweight aerodynamic package.

This LongShot bicycle project, will offer a new way of interacting with your bicycle, with the use of hydraulics in this profoundly radical design. How you change gears will become intuitive, smooth and complete. Your relationship with your ride will become much more intimate, you now will be able to feel your bike respond to your every touch.

Advancing the state of the art to Sci-fi territory

This drivetrain permits an uninterrupted flow of torque from rotational (pedalling) to linear(chain) to rotational again(wheel) in a two dimensional plane. The concepts of “uninterrupted”, and “two dimensions” are key to the incredible efficiency of this new type of drivetrain. The flow of torque from your consciousness, through your spine, legs and through the bicycle is continuous throughout to the very road you’re on. A response a direct connection, a feel for the ride like never before. The elite among us will now be free to speed like never before. The rest of us will now have just an incredibly comfortable ride.

LongShot advancing the state of the art to Sci-fi territory.

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