Coherent Disks

To Save the World for Profit

Artist drawing was created to bring to market a new type of transmission for the bicycle that controls torque in two dimensions, yet retains the use of the bicycle chain to transfer power from the rider to the wheel.

Bicycles are the most beautiful machines mankind has ever made.

The inherent simplicity and efficiency of the bicycle has no equal. A self propelled machine that is close to 100% efficient, and has been in mass production since inception. The iconic image of the bicycle is known by all mankind

Many improvements have been made to the bicycle, with new materials used for increased strength and lighter weight, and aerodynamic designs that hint of sc-fi.

Bicycles are the definition of state of the art in transportation, recreation and manufacturing. The beauty, the simplicity, the utility of the bicycle inspires us to do better.

A key element of the bicycle is the bicycle chain. This mass produced, taken for granted part of the bicycle makes the bicycle as efficient as it is. Close to 100% of the power is transferred from the rider to the rear wheel, via the chain. No other method matches this quality.

The Achilles heal of the bicycle chain is being able to have multiple gear ratios. The derailleur is employed to achieve this, but the simplicity of the bicycle is lost for this function.

We have come to accept this complex mechanism hanging off of our bicycles, messing up the aesthetics of what the bicycle represents, to overcome the limitation of single speed bicycles in not providing the rider their preferred cadence for any riding condition.

CoherentDisk’s drivetrain design mimics the simple quality of the bicycle, uses a bicycle chain and yet will provides a bicycle with an aerodynamic, light weight, ratio dense, sequential shifting, all mechanical drive train that is closer to being 100% efficient than what has come before.

This drivetrain will define what a bicycle shall be. The qualities it will bring to the bicycle are near endless. Every rider will now be able to choose the exact cadence they wish for any road condition they may encounter. This single aspect is a dramatic improvement than what has been offered in the past, and will revolutionize competitive cycling. Controlling the peddling effort (with liquid assist) to get to your preferred speed will be intuitive and easy. These positive aspects are just the start of what brings to the table with this new drivetrain design.

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